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Whether your looking to teach your dog new skills or resolve problematic behaviours, here at The Dogs Secret we will have the right training or program to meet your needs. We are proud of our track record and pride ourselves on getting you the results you want.


One 2 One Training

Private and Professional.

Are you finding group dog classes overwhelming or over crowded?

Are large dog classes not meeting the needs of you or your dog?

Do you want breed specific professional dog training tailored to the needs of you and your dog?

Want to train at a time and location suitable to you?

Are you tired of making little or no progress?

Complete Packages

Everything you will need and more.

Our ultimate package is specifically tailored to meet the needs of the dog and owner following an initial consultation.

This package is for you if your German Shepherd:

  • Chews furniture

  • Barks uncontrollably 

  • Displays dog aggression

  • Displays people aggression

  • Suffers from anxiety

  • Requires puppy foundations development

  • Fails to recall

  • Causing you embarrassment when in a public place


This fully supported structured package will empower you, grow your confidence whilst giving you the knowledge and practical skills you need to train and meet the needs of your dog.  


Behaviour Consultation & Modification

Feeling Empowered And Understanding Why.

Sometimes our loving companions can develop behaviours that can be deemed undesirable or problematic by owners such as barking, biting and aggression.


It’s important that owners understand that this is normally our dogs trying to communicate with us as their physical and emotional needs are not being met or acknowledged.

By working with you, modification plans will be developed to promote harmony between you and your dog whilst empowering you to resolve problems or undesirable behaviours.


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