Residential Dog Training

Cost Effective & Efficient

Why Choose Residential Training?

Our Residential Training program has been developed as a result of demand.

We would often have German Shepherd owners contacting us seeking professional help with their dogs, however, they simply don't have the time, skills or knowledge to implement what is required to get the results they want.

Our Residential Training program gives you that extra assistance when you need it.

Here is just some of the reasons why owners send their dogs to us:

Puppy Development

Behaviour Modification 

Foundations Skills Implementation

Protection/Bite Work Development

Security Work Development


How Does It Work?

1. It starts with an initial consultation to ensure your needs can be met and that your dog would benefit from our Residential Training program.

2. A customised program is created based on the information you provide and what you are trying to achieve with your dog.

3. Dates would be confirmed when your dog would be collected/dropped off and when your dog will be returned.

4. Your dog will be cared for within a family home where you will receive regulars updates on how they are settling in and how the training is progressing.

5. Your dog will be returned/collected with a full handover so that you are empowered with the skills and knowledge to develop your training even further when at home.

**The Residential Training program is strictly by application only


Prices From As Little As: £299

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