Online Puppy Training

Giving your puppy the best start in life.

We believe that specialist puppy training should be available to everyone regardless of your location, distance or other commitments.


We understand that you are busy and that you want the best training available without the hassle of having to travel or having to concede and accept generic puppy classes that don't really fit your puppies needs.

When bringing a new puppy home into the family environment we understand the you may have lots of questions. You may already be experiencing how demanding they can be and the impact a puppy can have on the household. With our expert knowledge and support we can guide you through some of the most common problem behaviours such as biting, chewing, chasing the kids, jumping up on visitors, toilet training, separation anxiety, crate training and barking. We will help you build routines and structure whilst having lots of fun.

What's the solution?

By delivering our unique puppy training online this levels the playing field and makes it available to all ensuring your puppy gets the best start in life.  This online package is as a result of demand and listening to our customers from around the country.

What key skills will I learn?

  • How to socialise your puppy the right way.

  • Toilet training.

  • Stop Biting & Chewing

  • How to build trust and engagement.

  • How to be a confident leader without DOMINANCE!

  • Introducing "clicker" or verbal markers.

  • Puppy obedience - Sit, Down, Recall, Place.

  • Loose leash walking.

  • How to build strong foundations for life.

  • Plus much more !!!

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