I am Mark Philip, the owner and founder of The Dogs Secret. The UK’s leading German Shepherd trainer based in North East, England.

German Shepherds are a significant part of my life and have been so for some time. They form a huge part of my life, from my family pets to my team mates in the competitive dog sports and by my side as a colleague daily.

German Shepherds are knows for being smart, loyal, loving and courageous dogs,  this is not always the case. I want to help German Shepherds and their owners by providing them with training. By sharing my vast knowledge I have gained through personal experience, allowing owners to have their perfect companion.

I love competing in dog sport along with working in an operational environment with service dogs as a Dog Handler and experienced Certified Trainer.

I have many years of practical experience as a handler and along with this, I have nationally recognised qualifications as a Trainer.

I am extremely passionate about dog training, specifically German Shepherds, which gives me my drive to continually research and learn about modern training methods and have obtained my Diploma in Canine Behaviour. 

I strive to give you and your dog choices, by using modern and scientific based methods.

By choosing me as a Trainer, I will take the stress out of training your dog, by assessing and working with you to resolve issues and develop the dog to the standard you want.  I will work with you to  identify any problems and create a personalised training package with you to address these, using my proven methods.

Whether you’re a new owner, experienced or looking for something specific to challenge you and your dog then you’re in the right place.

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Call: 07936529969

Consett, England,

United Kingdom