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Wanting breed specific help for your German Shepherd?

In Person Or Online?

Our flexible training programs can be delivered both in person and online to accommodate the needs of you and your dogs


With the use of modern technology distance is no barrier and everyone can now have access to expert breed specific training, advice and support. 

Here are just some of the benefits of training online:

Courses are delivered 1-2-1 LIVE by a human as opposed to DIY pre-recorded courses. 

Professional qualified trainer ready to answer any questions LIVE.

Learning takes place in the comfort of your own home.

You can control the home environment to minimise distractions.

You are training in the environment where your German Shepherd resides.

No more wasted time travelling to a venue.

Can be more cost effective.

Course is available anywhere in the world.

We believe in letting our customers do the talking...

Lynn & Mika

I was at the point where I really didn’t think I could cope anymore with my girl’s reactivity and recall issues despite having already undertaken various classes and one to one training when I happened across The Dogs Secret FB page and took Mark’s quiz. I then spoke to Mark and as a result decided to embark on some training sessions. Mark is so enthusiastic it’s catching and gave me the encouragement, confidence and sometimes a much needed pep talk, together with the tools and methods to really get to grip with our issues. It will be a marathon and not a sprint but already seeing great improvements with both the reactivity and recall. It’s also a real bonus that Mark is there to answer queries after the training sessions have finished. I would recommend Mark to anyone who is struggling with their GSD he knows the breed so well and really wants to help you and your dog. Thank you.

Courtney & Blue

We adopted a German Shepard from a shelter and he had no house manners. He even pulled us when we were talking him out on walk which I hated taking him out on my own. He even nibbles and bite quite hard! And now Blue is a total different dog. We can now take Blue of the short lead, he also can now do loose lead walking which means he doesn’t pull as much as he use to! We still have a long way to go but training isn’t a sprint it’s a marathon! And all this is because of Mark coming to train me and my partner to help with Blue. We both couldn’t thank him enough for how far Blue has come in the last 2 months! I would definitely recommend if you are having troubles with your German Shepard or wanting any advice this is the place to go.

Debbie & Benson

Benson my German shepherd came to live with me at 10 months old, after having two homes that didn’t work out for him. I soon found out that he was a big softy with people, but lunged and barked at other dogs when he was on lead. After 6 months of following advice from various trainers we weren’t getting anywhere. I used to dread taking him for walks. He’s a big strong dog and could easily pull me over. We have been working with Mark and now completed our programme, and Benson is a different dog. Instead of getting nervous and dreading taking him out, I enjoy our walks and look forward to them. He is not perfect, but I know that with time patience and consistency he will be close enough. Mark is professional, friendly and courteous but most importantly very experienced and really knows what he is doing. I would recommend him to anyone who is struggling with their dogs behaviour

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