Dog Training & Behavioural Services For

German Shepherds

The Dogs Secret delivers breed specific German Shepherd training and behavioural services across the UK.


 Empowering owners to train their dogs and resolve problems with certainty, whilst enhancing their relationship, improving their dogs quality of life and giving owners their perfect companion

What Our Customers Say.

"I share Mark's sentiments that German Shepherd Dogs are the smartest and most loyal family dogs.  With improper or neglected training, they can also be your biggest problem child!  Mark's experience in working with GSD's shows in his bespoke packages suited to help dogs of various ages in various stages of development.  Even as GSD owner who's completed two years of training with my own dog, Mark can still offer me value with the One 2 One training program which focuses on areas I know are necessary to maintain a well rounded GSD."

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Consett, England,

United Kingdom